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Born through sporting fellowship, nurtured by a common passion for breaking new ground with a faith and commitment to achieving unusual and exciting goals, British African Resources have built a formidable network of industrial and political leaders throughout West Africa.

Our mission has been to marry the technical resources of UK and Europe with the natural resources of Africa, and together create value in which we can all share.



David McKechnie

Founder and proprietor of BAR, David first came to Africa as a volunteer, leading an overland mission to Sierra Leone delivering medicines and aid to the country in 1988. Having stayed on as a volunteer in Freetown for six months, David continued to travel on the continent and developed a love of Africa, its cultures and its peoples.

Following a career in IT and technology David became involved in the renewable energy sector and found his way back to Africa in search of surface grown fuels and ultimately Palm Oil.

Today, British African Resources have become involved in many aspects of agriculture and commodities in West Africa, and have started work in the Sustainable Development sector, creating projects with oil companies in the Niger delta.



British African Resources

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