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PKS is a highly calorific, low ash, natural fuel pellet. It is the by-product of Palm Oil Processing and is a virgin biomass product for renewable energy generation.

PKS is also used as a substitute for aggregate in concrete and road building, it is used in low tech floor-tile production and has a calorific value around twice that of wood pellets with a density of 600Kg per M3.

British African Resources supply PKS from two species of palm oil tree, Dura and Tenera. One has a shell length of around 10 to 15mm the other around 25 to 35mm.

The palm kernel has gone through two processes prior to becoming ready for use in generation. Firstly is will have been through pasteurisation whilst the palm oil mesocarp is processed to extract palm oil and it will be heated again whilst the PKO (palm kernel oil) is extracted.

The shell will then be washed and dried before being shipped for biomass.

Washed and free from abnormal quantities of any kind of impurity such as foreign

contents and totally free by iron pieces, wood pieces, stones, plastic bags etc.


• Net Cal.Value: 16.0 GJ/ton

• Total Moisture: max 15%W

• Ash: 4%W

• Sulphur: 0.09%W

• Alkali:(NA+K): 0.05%W

• Nitrogen: 0.55%W

• Chlorine: 0.10%W

• Impurities: 0.9%W

• Stowage Factor: 600 kg/ m3