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  • PALM KERNEL SHELLS - for biomass boilers


  • Gathering Palm Oil Fresh Fruit for processing in one of our mills - see What We Do / Project Delivery


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“The 21st century will be Africa’s century. We can and must make this dream a reality”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

The natural and human resources in West Africa are vast... Nigeria is the largest country on the African continent with a population of 180m souls.  Ghana is delivering processed and packaged fresh foods from African farmers directly to European supermarket shelves.  Sierra Leone has massive foreign investment, and is re-starting its Iron ore mines which kept Britain in steel in WWII.

With rare minerals, oil, gas, and huge areas of agricultural land with the labour force to work it; the business development opportunities in West Africa are enormous.    The challenges are also not inconsiderable...

British African Resources bring the assets of Africa, and the skills & technology of Britain/EU to bear upon this remarkable opportunity.


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